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Bullying is defined as a systematic aggressive behavior against a victim who cannot defend him or herself. Victims suffer social isolation and psychological maladjustment, while bullies have a higher risk for conduct problems and substance use disorders.

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These problems appear to last over time. The KiVa antibullying program has been evaluated in Finland and other European countries, showing preventive effects on victimization and self-reported bullying.

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The aims of this study are 1 to develop a culturally appropriate version of the KiVa material and 2 to test the effectiveness of the KiVa program, with and without the online game, on reducing experiences of victimization and bullying behavior among vulnerable primary schools in Santiago Chileusing a cluster randomized controlled trial RCT design with three arms: 1 full KiVa program group, 2 partial KiVa without online game program group and 3 control group.

This is a three-arm, single-blind, cluster randomized controlled trial RCT with a target enrolment of 4th and 5th graders attending 13 vulnerable schools per arm. Students K Mons muub Bitquoins the full and partial KiVa groups will receive universal actions: ten 2-h lessons delivered by trained teachers during 1 year; they will be exposed to posters encouraging them to support victims and behave constructively when witnessing bullying; and a person designated by the school authorities will be present in all school breaks and lunchtimes using a visible KiVa vest to remind everybody that they are in a KiVa school.

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KiVa schools also will have indicated actions, which consist of a set of discussion groups with the victims and with the bullies, with proper follow-up. Only full KiVa schools will also receive an online game which has the aim to raise awareness of the role of the group in bullying, increase Kuidas kaubelda moes 50 voimalust and promote strategies to support victimized peers.

Self-reported victimization.

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