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Osavõtjate vastuste erinevused vähenesid, kui vaadati rohkem pead kuni 4 , mis viitab sellele, et vaatlejad võisid pilgu suunata kosmosesse. Rahva tähelepanu suund võib olla veelgi tugevam tähelepanu kui üksikisikule 15, seega on mõttekas, et selle teabe kiire ühendamise mehhanism võib olla olemas.

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Baron, J. The user should feed the code with meteorological data, source terms and accident data timing involved, release height, thermal content of the release, etc. It is designed to be used during the emergency, and to bring fast results that enable to make decisions.

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The uncertainty in the results of the SEDA code is quantified in the present paper. This uncertainty is associated both with the data the user inputs to the code, and with the uncertain parameters of the code own models.

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The used method consisted in the statistical characterization of the parameters and variables, assigning them adequate probability distributions. These distributions have been sampled with the Latin Hypercube Sampling method, which is a stratified multi-variable Monte-Carlo technique.

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The code has been performed for each of the samples and finally, a result sample has been obtained. These results have been characterized from the statistical point of view obtaining their mean, most probable Keskmine vastupidine strateegia matlab, distribution shape, etc.

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Finally, the Partial Correlation Coefficients and Standard Regression Coefficients techniques have been used to obtain the relative importance of each input variable, and the Sensitivity of the code to its variations. The measures of Importance and Sensitivity have been obtained for several distances from the source and various cases of atmospheric stability, making comparisons possible.

Building a Risk Reporting Platform with MATLAB

This paper allowed to confide in the results of the code, and the association of their uncertainty to them, as a way to know the limits in which the results can vary in a real.