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The requirements for control shall be laid down in the connection contract concluded between the network operator and the producer. A wind turbine or a group of wind turbines can be switched off in order to achieve quick curtailment of active power output.

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The reactive power supplied to or consumed from the network must be minimal. Automatic control of reactive power may be necessary if switching on and off of the connected wind turbine or wind farm or the lines connecting the wind farm to the network causes inadmissible voltage fluctuations for the consumers; 3 reactive power output shall be controlled by voltage on the upper-voltage or low-voltage side of the wind turbine.

In the latter case current compensation shall be used; 4 the reactive power output shall be controlled by one central signal; 5 control set points and algorithms shall be changed by remote control. For that purpose, the appropriate measuring devices shall be installed to the wind turbine or the wind farm in accordance with the connection contract. For that purpose, the devices specified in the connection contract shall be installed in the wind farm; 4 the technical specifications and projects of the electrical part of the wind turbine or TF Trading System farm to be connected to the transmission network shall be approved by the transmission network operator before the commencement of the work.

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As a rule, the transmission network operator makes the corresponding decision within 30 days after the receipt of the documents. If a more detailed inspection of the documents is required, the decision will be made within 60 days after the receipt of the documents. Obligations of the network operator in case of connecting the generating installations of a power plant to the network 1 The network operator shall send the following remote measurement results concerning the power plant connected to its network to the system operator: 1 in real time the sum of active and reactive loads supplied to power plants with the rated active power TF Trading System kW to 1 MW.

The data concerning wind turbines shall be presented separately. The requirements are applied also to wind farms with the rated active power of over 5 MW and power plants with the rated active power below 5 MW unless otherwise provided for in this Regulation.

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Requirements applied to generators and voltage regulators 1 [Repealed — RT I37, — entered into force Upon determining the ceiling voltage other requirements applied to voltage control shall also be taken into account.

Upon TF Trading System an excitation system, it must be taken into account that the requirements to ceiling voltage shall be satisfied also during close network faults. In addition to automatic control, an excitation system shall enable to control the excitation current manually. It must be possible to limit the output signal of the damper and the settings of the limitation shall be adjustable.

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Different control means may be applied depending on the reactive power output or the power factor. The use of the control system shall be approved by the transmission network operator.

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The system operator shall evaluate the drop. Application of additional measures is recommended to avoid the decrease of power output. The output power may decrease, if stable operation at full power can be restored when the frequency drops below In this case, the generator must switch over to auxiliary load.

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The generator shall be disconnected with as long a time-delay as the equipment enables. The generator must be able to operate on auxiliary load for at least one hour.

The requirement concerning operating on auxiliary load is not applicable to wind turbines, wind farms and asynchronous generators.

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  • Disconnected operation improves matters, but fails to use networking opportunities to their full advantage

The system operator shall evaluate the reduction. The operation time within the frequency range of In exceptional cases the time for the elimination may extend to 0. If faults occur in kV and 11kV networks, they shall be eliminated in 0.

Such faults must not cause damages to power plant equipment.

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A generator and its auxiliary devices must withstand voltage variations, which do not prevent safe switching over to auxiliary load after disconnection from the network. This requirement is not applicable TF Trading System wind turbines and wind farms.

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Requirements applied to the power control devices 1 The power plant must have speed controllers of turbines and the relevant control systems. In this case, the generator supplies only the auxiliary devices of the power plant and the plant must operate at least for one hour. The requirement specified in this subsection is not applicable to wind turbines, wind farms and asynchronous generators.

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Disconnected power plants enable to control the power in accordance with the orders of the system operator in order to restore the power system unity by resynchronisation. Verification of conformity of generating installations to the requirements 1 The producer shall verify regularly the conformity of the generating installations of the power plant to the requirements established by this Regulation, starting from the commissioning to the end of their utilisation period.

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The producer shall determine the frequency of verifications proceeding from the technical state of the system and notify the system operator thereof. The measurement results of tests concerning the generating installation shall be capable of assuring proven traceability.

The tests concerning the network shall be agreed with the system operator.

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Upon TF Trading System with the system operator the tests may be partially substituted by imitation on a calculation model. The tests shall last up to 12 months, unless agreed otherwise by the producer and system operator. The period may be extended, if testing could not be carried out TF Trading System reasons beyond the control of the parties to the agreement.

This requirement is not applicable to wind turbines, wind farms and asynchronous generators; 3 to determine how the network operates at auxiliary consumption during one hour; 4 to check the conformity of the controllability of the generating installation to the control characteristics.

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Power control characteristics 1 Upon determining the start-up time of the generating installations of power plants participating in load control, it shall be taken into account that the start-up time from outage to full-load operation should be as short as possible. The start-up times from the outage of equipment are the following: 1 in case of generating installation of thermal power plants from the cold state - up to 12 hours; 2 in case of gas-turbine units — up to 10 minutes; 3 in case of wind turbines and wind farms — up to 15 minutes in case of wind conditions which enable starting.

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The output power must comply with the requirements of § 27 of this Regulation; 2 if a power plant is used for frequency control, it shall be specified in a separate contract. Primary and secondary control of active power of generating installation 1 If a power plant is used for primary and secondary control of active power, the system operator shall conclude a corresponding contract with the producer.

Subsections 2 — 9 of this section shall serve as a basis for establishing the technical conditions in the contract. The dead band of the speed controllers of the turbines shall be adjustable between ± 0— mHz with the deviation of ± 10 mHz.

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It must be possible to switch primary control on and off both from the transmission network and in the power plant. The function of primary control shall be started automatically by a frequency relay or any other frequency-sensitive device; 2 the primary reserve shall be at least ± Power control in normal state of the system 1 The load in condensing power plants shall be controlled at the rate provided for load changing TF Trading System subsections 2 and 3 of this section.

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The power of other equipment may be controlled on the basis of the provisions in subsections 3 and 4. Half of the abovementioned power must be obtained in 10 seconds, if the equipment does not have a superheater, or in 30 seconds in case one superheater has been installed.

If the device has more than one superheater, a delay is accepted due to time constant caused by the additional superheater. System operation control in an interconnected system 1 If a system operates in an interconnected system and if in accordance with the contract the operator of the interconnected system is assigned to organise the management of a part of the interconnected system, the contractual tasks concerning the organisation of Kas aktsiaoptsioonidel on haaleoigused interconnected system will take precedence over the tasks concerning the organisation of the operation of the of system and the system operator shall execute the instructions of the operator of the interconnected system first.

Power and energy reserves 1 The contingency reserve is intended for the replacement of unexpected outage of the production capacity or the transmission capacity. The distribution of contingency reserve between the TF Trading System systems in an interconnected system shall be determined by the relevant agreements.